Chicago Traffic Jam

The Chicago Traffic Jam is a quintet of former solo street performers who discovered that they play well together. The crowds that form when they jam near the McCormick Bridgehouse or the Cultural Center seem to agree. On a recent sunny afternoon, the band was making hips shake in every direction with a tight mix of old school soul, funky jazz and a dose of rock-n-roll.TRAFFIC1-01

Pictured, left to right: Bill Nevin on bass, Damian Rose on saxaphone, Mark Johnson on drums, David Walker on trumpet, and Ian Walsh on guitar.

— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer


  • Saw these guys July 22nd, and they were awesome.!!

  • I saw the Chicago Traffic Jam Band in front of the County Building in Chicago today, October 28, 2016 at 1:00PM and the band was fabulous. They played very well together and the Jam sessions full of songs from the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder and I heard a small creative mix of Cameo’s song, “Word Up”, in one song. The band members don’t just stand there and play their instruments they give you dance steps to make you move. The drummer and band members was jamming with the audience. I was impressed to find out that all members started out as solo street performers because they play so well in sync as a group – one musician does not play louder than another. Kudos to the Chicago Traffic Jam Band.

  • Went to High School with Billy, he was always an incredibly fantastic bassist. Glad to see he is still playing, and I think you guys sound great!

    And Billy, if you’re reading this, BONESAWWWWW!

    Miss you buddy!

  • Saw them at Mardi Gras 2016. Too cool for school!

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