Buddy Bichon

Buddy was a Bichon living on the streets of Rogers Park when a coworker of Jenny Moors, who lives in Coast Apartments, picked him up and brought him back to the nearby office where they worked.

At the time, he looked like an entirely different dog. “There was a gash in his leg and his fur was brown and matted,” Jenny remembers.

IMG_7467web2They attempted to contact his owner through an attached microchip, but “no one ever called back.” So at the end of the day, Jenny decided to adopt him.

Two years and several trips to the vet later, Buddy has become a full-fledged New Eastsider with a clean bill of health. His hobbies include drinking other peoples’ beer.

“He just loves the beer,” says Jenny. “Probably from all those days of being on the streets, he puts his nose into every cup he can find.”

“But,” she continues, “we don’t let him drink it.”

— Daniel Patton | Staff Writer

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