Maggie Daley Park to host Backyard Bash during National Park and Recreation Month

Maggie Daley Park will celebrate National Parks and Recreation month with an inaugural old fashioned picnic on July 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free to all and no RSVP is required.

National Park and Recreation Month is a celebration intended to help park-lovers “discover super powers at your local parks and recreation,” according to the event’s website. It is an annual function of the National Recreation and Park Association.


CAPS WRAP — street performer noise, deceptive practice

Noisy street performers continue to disrupt the lives of people who live near Millennium Park, according to a number of residents at the June 16 CAPS meeting at The Heritage at Millennium Park, 130 N. Garland Ct.

Although Police officers had  explained during the April meeting that most outdoor performers are licensed by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and, therefore, allowed to play, people at the June CAPS meeting nevertheless expressed their frustrations.

“It’s becoming battle of the bands,” one remarked.

“Maybe we could get American Idol to take the good ones off the street,” responded one of three Chicago Police officers present.

Another resident said that research proves, “Professors cannot lecture, students cannot study due to noise from street performers.”

“Everyone’s got a place, like the skateboarders have a place,” noted the officer. He then suggested that perhaps a specific performance area should be created “somewhere in the park.”

Deceptive practice is a particular type of theft: bad check, dine and dash, run out on a cab,” explained an officer. “As usual, the thefts are our highest crime on the beat, due to restaurants and hotels, mostly.”

Although most residents do not encounter the problem because they are not running businesses, she advised remaining alert when patronizing such businesses, especially restaurants, in order to avoid other problems.

“Theft frequently involves items that customers bring with them and temporarily store under the table,” she explained, “purse, retail bags, sunglasses, iPhone, etc.”

Another officer suggested that this vigilance should be maintained at all times, especially by females. “Walk with your head up, don’t talk on the phone,” he said. “Every now and then stop and look around to see who’s following you.”

Fortunately, according to another officer, the amount of crimes reported in the area has been less than usual for the season. “The last couple months have been very nice,” she said. “Battery and theft are at a low. No patterns detected.”


Mariano’s celebrates sixth anniversary

In 2010, Mariano’s changed the way people shop for groceries. Offering an exquisite selection of local and international foods in a store that included an Italian coffee shop, a sushi bar, a wood-burning pizza oven, and an abundance of samples, it soon generated a large and devoted following.

163742mar6annivheaderOver the next six years, the number of Mariano’s stores expanded from the original location in Arlingon Heights, IL., to cities and neighborhoods throughout northeastern Illinois, including one at 333 E. Benton Pl. in New Eastside.

From now until August 24, Mariano’s will host an Anniversary Celebration program designed to highlight the innovations that have satisfied customers for the past six years.

Free cake and coffee will be served on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 2 p.m. Special Anniversary Edition beverages and desserts such as Vero gelato and bella cupcakes will be available for purchase. Automatic entries into the Mariano’s Customer Appreciation Sweepstakes will be granted to customers who use their Mariano’s Rewards Cards.

Mariano’s is also hosting a Hot Dog Top Dog Instagram contest that runs until July 15. Those who enter hot dog photos will have a chance to win $100.

For more information, follow@marianosmarket on Instagram, visit or call (312) 228-1349.


Proposed museum no longer considering Chicago location 

Last month, George Lucas announced that he will no longer pursue plans to  build the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago.

The decision followed nearly two years of heated public debate about the private use of public land on Chicago’s lakefront, where Mr. Lucas and Mayor Emanuel wanted to build the museum.

Opponents included the nonprofit group Friends of the Parks, which filed a federal complaint to halt development of the project in late 2014. Among other things, the group claimed that the proposed location immediately south of Soldier Field would violate the Lakefront Protection Ordinance, which prohibits private development east of Lake Shore Drive.

Supporters argued that the museum would actually increase the amount of green space on what is now a parking lot and that it would generate tourism revenue and create jobs.

The city filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, but it was denied in February. The case was scheduled to be heard later this year.


Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

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