Lunchtime cookout in the New Eastside

Conveniently located in the heart of the New Eastside at the courtyard just outside Mariano’s second floor, the Summer Patio Grill has become a popular lunchtime destination.

If the wind is blowing in the right direction, you can enjoy the wonderful barbecue aroma from many blocks away. It is quickly becoming an event for locals and business folks who gather for lunch.

The atmosphere is alive and fun. Despite the restaurant’s popularity, the lines are never long because the grill specialist keeps things moving. Truth be told, waiting in line a little bit is not so bad, because you see your food cooking on the grill and you can smell that delicious aroma.

IMG_7600webThe grilling usually starts around 11:00a.m. and continues till 1:30p.m. every weekday (weather permitting).

To keep things interesting, the menu rotates throughout the week. Monday is cheeseburger day, Tuesday is grilled chicken, Wednesday is the steak sandwich, Thursday is Italian sausage, and Friday marks a return to burgers.

Condiments and trimmings are available and all sandwiches come with chips and drink included.

The patio seating is ample and loaded with lovely views of New Eastside greenery and people. Takeout is available for those on the go.

So next lunchtime when you are hungry, just follow your nose to Mariano’s Summer Patio Grill.

Jon Cohn | Community Contributor

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