Ryan Turner, Lancaster Condominiums

When Ryan Turner was just a teenager, he not only understood the value of a positive attitude, but he also consistently maintained one as point guard of the conference champion Gage Park High School basketball team.

“Even in the eyes of defeat, you have to see a win coming,” he says. “You put yourself into it and you get to know the inside and out.”

This is the philosophy that he brings to work every day as Doorperson of the Lancaster Condominiums.


Ryan Turner (photo: patton)

“You don’t want to come home and see me with a frown on my face,” he explains. “I’m going to make it real easy. My smile might brighten your day.”

The optimistic outlook has helped Mr. Turner earn personal trust and handle delicate responsibilities throughout his career. Before coming to the Lancaster six months ago, he spent six years working security at TCS Bank locations in Calumet City and in Homewood.

Although he describes the position as somewhat routine, he remembers one particular day on the job as “the wackiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“We had those Keurig coffee machines and you’re only supposed to take one,” he explains. “A lady came into the bank in a post office worker uniform and emptied the whole box into her purse. The branch manager came to me, like he’s supposed to do. The lady was ready to fight, but I calmed her down.”

The assistant bank manager recognized Mr. Turner’s knack for working with people and suggested that he pursue the position at the Lancaster, where her brother-in-law Eric was a member of the door staff.

After receiving the position, he says, “I couldn’t ask for a better building.”

“The people here are lovely,” he continues. “I’m getting to know the residents as well as their dogs and their babies.”

Looking forward, Mr. Turner plans to build a foundation for the future with his girlfriend of two years, Treamaine.

“The whole family loves her,” he explains. “My father doesn’t say much, but when he said he liked her, I knew I had to keep her.”

Likewise, Treamaine appears to hold Mr. Turner in the same high regard: she was the assistant bank manager who encouraged him to seek opportunities at The Lancaster.

“She’s the first and only woman besides my mother to ever help me improve my life,” he says. “She’s the woman I’m gonna marry.”

— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

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