Maicheal Estepaniance, The Chandler

Maicheal Estepaniance’s commitment to his trade goes beyond the typical list of requirements on a job description.

Maicheal Estepaniance

Ever since earning a degree in hospitality and business management from Triton Community College, The Chandler Lead Doorman has invested hours of his personal time developing the skills to provide more than a superior level of service.

“I’m insured and trained in CPR and AED,” says the native Chicagoan.

He learned how to assist people who are suffocating (CPR) and use a device that helps prevent heart attacks (AED) through “a five-week course for customer service, fire, CPR and security issues“ offered by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The SEIU represents workers in the property services industry — essentially, the people who keep a high rise condominium running smoothly — as well as hospital, home care, and nursing home employees. The organization also helped Maicheal earn advanced firearms certification, but he is grateful that he’s never had to use it.

“Thank God, no,” he says.

This kind of discipline and follow through has been part of his character since he was a teenager. As a student at Mather High School on Chicago’s Northwest Side, he earned a spot on both the wrestling and the football team all four years. Then he spent a year and a half playing semi-pro football for the Oak Park Sharks.

“I played defensive end, right guard, and left tackle on the C team,” he says. “If you’re on the A team, there’s scouts looking for the NFL.”

These days, Estepaniance is content to help the daily needs of tenants in what he believes is one of New Eastside’s best properties.

“Not only the people, but the location,” he says. “We have the best sunrises.”

His favorite viewing time is when he assists children boarding the school bus on weekday mornings.

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— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

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