Eric Gates, The Lancaster

Throughout the week, Eric Gates maintains a calm and professional demeanor while doing his job as doorperson at The Lancaster, where he has been employed since 2010. But on Sundays, it’s a different story.

“I sing gospel,” he says. “I’ve been singing my whole life.”

The inspiration started when he was barely able to walk.

“My first church I ever belonged to was Wesley Chapel,” he says. “It was a small church. My mom used to take me there. I was in the choir when I started, probably about three or four years old.”

His devotion has held strong ever since.

“I stuck with the choir because it was a passion,” he explains. “I love singing.”

Eric is a member of Ricky Dillard and the New Generation Chorale, a nationally recognized ensemble that travels and records around the country. The group’s performances have generated close to a million views on YouTube.

On regular Sundays for the past sixteen years, he has been singing at Resurrected Life Church International, a place of worship on West Fullerton Boulevard. with an immense dedication to the surrounding community and seperate ministries for children, youth, young professionals, seniors, women and more.

When he’s not singing or working, Eric occasionally visits friends in New Eastside, especially to watch the fireworks during holidays.

But he mostly prefers to spend time with his wife and children.

“I’ve been married for seven years to a wonderful woman,” he says.

“I love my kids. They’re funny, man. They keep you young. They do all the goofy stuff that you did. They’re in the children’s choir.”

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— Daniel Patton | Staff Writer

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