“Odysseo” an equestrian delight

If you’re lucky enough to have a south view from the Lakeshore East neighborhood, you may have noticed the massive tent that went up southeast of Soldier Field last month. “The White Big Top,” as it is called, houses Cavalia’s new show Odysseo, premiering this month only, in the South Lot of the stadium.

The show is unlike any other, yet familiar. Priding itself as “the best show ever,” Cavalia is the equestrian Cirque du Soleil. Although they are separate entertainment companies established decades apart, they both originated in Montreal and share a co-founder. The show is made up of “65 horses and 48 riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians,” according to it’s website.

Odysseo is a mesmerizing production beginning to end, with horses, humans, technology, set design and music coming together to create a breathtaking experience. The performance pivots and surprises as you wonder what could they possibly do to surprise you again.

South loop resident Melissa Bakst called the combination of dressage, acrobatics, theatrics and circus tricks “unique and beautiful.”

I had as much fun watching the horses perform with precision, as I did watching them run wild and horse around, challenging each other at times. It provided an opportunity to watch trainers bring unruly performers back into formation using friendship and encouragement.

Cavalia should be at the top of your list if you’re going to see one show this season. Ticket prices range from $79.50 to $144.50 with the show running April 4th through the 23rd.

To purchase tickets, visit http://cavalia.com/chicago/.

— Ben Cirrus

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