Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA stuns with mesmerizing circus acts

Cirque Du Soleil’s LUZIA is a dazzling display of theatrics, stage design, artistic expression and most importantly, circus acts. It is a back-to-roots approach showcasing classic circus performances reimagined in the fantastical way we’ve come to expect from a Cirque du Soleil show.

Packed with mind-bending acts that will even surprise avid Cirque fans, LUZIA hits all the right notes, transporting the audience back to a joyful dreamlike place in Mexico. Performers dressed as butterflies and birds fill the stage, performing on a giant treadmill. Girls twirling in hoops, soccer balls, and beach scenes give the show a sense of nostalgia while keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.

It seemed that there were more thunderous cheers and breathless gasps than usual with a hefty dose of humor throughout. The main character, played by Eric Fool Koller of the Netherlands, elicited fits of laughter without the need for the traditional clown outfit and props.

Impressive use of water displays, a first ever for their Big Top shows, created surreal backdrops that added to the impact of performances, and Russian contortionist, Aleksei Globorodko, who moved around the stage with the flexibility of a sock puppet, shocked and mesmerized viewers.

Lakeview resident, Lauren Lawrence, noted that the show provided the “same level of amazement for adults as it did for kids.”

LUZIA’s thrilling acrobatics strikes wonder into minds and memories of the audience like only a Cirque du Soleil show can.

LUZIA runs through September 3, under the newly redesigned white-and-gold Big Top at the United Center parking lot K. Ticket prices start at $35 with a range of options for groups, family packs and VIP packages. Tickets for all Chicago performances of LUZIA through September 3, 2017 are available online at



Cirque du Soleil

LUZIA – A Waking Dream of Mexico

United Center Parking Lot K

July 21 – September 3

Tickets at




– Ben Cirrus and Elaine Hyde






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