Pomeranian playgroup meets in Lake Shore East Park

By Stephanie Racine|Community Contributor


Lisa Michele says her nine-year-old Pomeranian Phoebe “looks and acts like a puppy. Wherever we go, she makes people smile. It makes my day when I see how happy people are to meet her.”

Anyone who has met a Pomeranian dog knows they are special. Weigh-

ing under ten pounds, they are well-matched for apartment living. Most Pomeranians love to play with other dogs, but can be inhibited by their small size, as larger dogs can pose a

threat to them. That is why a group of Pomeranian lovers have formed a meet-

up group that gathers at the northeast corner of Lake Shore East Park.

New Eastside resident Whitney Nippert Molsen describes Pomeraniansas “loving and loyal” dogs with intelligence and “big” personalities. “I feel it’s a safer environment for [my dog]

Ewokie because he has become afraid of most larger dogs,” says Molsen.

“When he was younger he was trampled by larger dogs at the dog park.” “It was entirely a chance meeting the first time,” says Anthony Ivone, owner of a Pomeranian named Enzo. “We just saw two or three Pomeranians playing in the park and we joined.” Soon, more Pomeranians arrived and it became a group of around six or seven dogs. A Facebook group was started and more Pomeranian owners found out about their breed brethren in the area. The meetings have

become more well attended since then, rounding out at 11 Pomeranians.

The group was a great find for resident Kara Adams and Sonny, her seven-year-old Pomeranian. “Sonny [has] a neurological condition called Cere-bellar Hypoplasia,” explains Adams. “He has a funny walk, but it suits his personality. The Lakeshore East Pom playgroup lets him play safely with other dogs his size.” The Pom playdates are beneficial to owners as well, as they get to socialize alongside their dogs.

The group has garnered excitement in the area and on social media. Pomeranians from other parts of the city have expressed interest in stopping by at the next meeting, and photos of the

playgroup have received hundreds of “likes” on Instagram.

To view photos and meet-up schedule, visit the Facebook and Instagrams of

the Pomeranians of Lakeshore East. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

groups/lakeshoreeastpoms/ Instagram:@enzo_thepom, @chicagopoms @young-

butternut @luna_white_black_pom @ewokiethepom @sonnycitydog

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