Plans for new Lakeshore East high rises halted by Alderman

By Taylor Hartz

Staff Writer
Dec. 15, 2017

Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) rejected the proposed development of three buildings in Lakeshore East  known as the “IJKL” parcels on Dec. 13.


The highrises, proposed by LendLease and Magellan Development Group earlier this year, would have added 1,400 residences throughout three new buildings. The project would also add 3,000 construction jobs and generate an approximate $20 million in annual revenue.


A statement from Ald. Rielly’s office on Dec. 13 said that “after reviewing the neighborhood feedback, and discussing with the City Department of Planning and Development, Reilly determined to not move forward with the project.”


The development groups first proposed their plans to the community at a meeting on July 10, showing renderings sleek new buildings. The meeting lasted three hours and drew more than 1,000 residents who gathered to voice their concerns.

After the meeting, Ald. Reilly said his office “received hundreds of letters, emails and calls objecting the proposal.”

After requiring the developers to host public meetings with every residential building in the neighborhood and considering the many concerns raised by locals, Ald. Reilly formally rejected the IJKL plans as presented.

Reilly sent several suggestions to the development companies, providing a list of changes that need to be made before he will consider future plans for the site.
The list included more active, usable open space, elimination of a proposed grand staircase and zigzag pedestrian path, relocation of the Harbor Drive pedestrian access point, and fencing between the parcels and lower Lakeshore Drive.


The alderman also called for tighter security. He suggested a staffed guard station on the lower level to monitor pedestrians, regular security patrols, installation of way-finding signage at the lakeshore access point, and improved lighting and surveillance cameras that can tie-in to the City’s OEMC security camera network


According to Rielly’s office, residents will be notified if the office receives an updated proposal, and a “transparent community process” will continue if the project moves forward.


A copy of Lendlease and Magellan’s slideshow proposal from the July meeting can be found here.


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