Love in New Eastside

By Stephanie Racine | Staff Writer

Even in the frostiest times of winter, love can bloom. For one couple, Anthony Trania and Katie Li, New Eastside is an important part of their love story and where the pair got engaged in 2017.

Anthony Trania and Katie Li got engaged in Lake Shore East Park in 2017. Photo by David Li

The couple met while Trania was scouting out Washington University in St. Louis for Law School, while Li was attending the same university as an undergraduate. By happenstance, they met in the undergraduate admissions office, where Li worked and offered to show Trania to the Law School admissions office.

The two moved to New Eastside years later and have grown their love story in Chicago.
“My favorite thing about Tony is his sense of humor and how he makes me
feel,” Li said.

“For me, it’s the way Katie is always smiling, and she has an ability to light up any room she walks into,” said Trania.

The pair also shares a mutual love of living in the Tides, 360 E. South Water St.
“We love it here. It really just fit everything we wanted” Trania said.

Photo by David Li

While logistics like the neighborhood’s proximity to Li’s job and Trania’s school
were important to the couple, they said the area grew from a convenient place to live
to a part of their love story.

“I wanted to propose in a place that was meaningful to us” Trania said. He enlisted
the help of Li’s parents and friends to host a picnic and take pictures in Lake Shore
East Park. The surprise was almost ruined, as Li spotted her parents’ car parked in the
area. Trania attempted to distract her and led her to a rose petal pathway. There, he
popped the question, and Li said yes.

They celebrated with friends and family in a rooftop cabana at III Forks. “I thought it would be a cute way to be able to show the environment where we grew together and started living together” Trania said.

The couple look forward to being able to show their children their engagement photos and share with them the special place that marked the start of their life together.

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