The winter boot stop, Shoe Drop

Where to prep your boots for winter

By Stephanie Racine | Staff Writer

Between snow, ice and low temperatures, our winter boots bear the brunt of the harsh Chicago winters. Though built for the task of getting us to our destination with warm dry feet, some boots don’t make it through more than a few seasons without tearing or being easily eroded by salt used for icy streets. To make sure winter boots last as long as possible, cleaning and repairs are a must.

At Shoe Drop, 233 N. Michigan Ave., you can have your shoes repaired, cleaned, and get replacement soles and heels. “I use Shoe Drop to set up a drop-off for my winter boots to be repaired,” said New Eastside resident Anthony Ivone of the store that opened in May 2017.

Shoe Drop’s brick-and-mortar location at 233 N. Michigan Ave. Photo by Stephanie Racine.

Duncan Davis, CEO of Shoe Drop, recommended the restorative cleaning service to keep winter boots fresh. “This [service] involves carefully removing salt stains and snow damage with a gentle cleaning solution. Once finished, we restore the leather or material to its original color,” Davis said.

Davis also recommended taking preemp-
tive measures to make winter boots last the season. He advised using a weather proof-
ing product, along with removing anything that gets on the shoes, like snow or salt,
immediately. “Many of our customers send
us their new shoes to weatherproof and
add a rubber sole guard before they wear them,” Davis said. Weatherproofing and a full restorative clean is $35. In-store shines are $8, or free with any repair service.

Most dry cleaners in New Eastside also offer shoe repair. The Lancaster Dry Cleaners, located at 201 N. Westshore Drive will waterproof suede boots. Short boots are $25, medium are $30 and tall are $35.

Regatta cleaners, located at 420 E. Waterside, will repair winter boots with pricing on request.

Shoe Drop
233 N. Michigan Ave. / (312) 445-5254

Lancaster Cleaners
201 N. Westshore Dr. / (312) 938-8959

Regatta Cleaners
420 E Waterside Dr. / (312) 228-0545

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