Doorperson of the month Eduardo Zaragoza Del Toro

By Gianna Annunzio | Staff Writer

Published April 6, 2018

Eduardo Zaragoza Del Toro has spent weekends greeting residents at the Heritage building, 130 N. Garland Ct., since November 2015. His career as a doorman began after a friend, who worked as a Heritage concierge, recommended Del Toro to the building’s property manager. The hiring process proceeded swiftly from that moment on.

“I went to go check it out and he interviewed me,” Del Toro said. “The day after, I get a call. It was unexpected, to be honest. It’s a great place to be.”

As a Chicago native living in the Pilsen area, Del Toro’s job as a doorman has only increased his passion for downtown living.

He said one of his favorite things about working at the Heritage is striking up conversations with everyone he meets.“It’s cool how [residents] go from not knowing [me], to getting on a personal level,” he said. “Every conversation I have with them
I either learn something new, or get to know them better.”

Del Toro said some Heritage residents have been exceptionally caring, even during the holidays. “They’ve invited me on Thanksgiving to have dinner with the
family,” he said. “It’s stuff like that that makes me feel like I’m actually welcome there.”

Del Toro said one of his greatest passions outside the Heritage is creating photorealistic drawings. After attending the School of the Art Institute for a year, he now sells commissions to art seekers.

“I’ve only been drawing for six years, but I’d like to think I’m pretty experienced,” he said. “If it’s up to me, I’ll do cityscapes or still life portraits, but most commissions I get, they ask for a [drawing of a] person. It’s usually what I’m doing every single day
to be honest.”

Leading a life with the perfect balance of hobbies and career aspirations, Del Toro said that as a doorman, his greatest take-away is the unique connections he makes with residents. “You always see people on the street and you’re hesitant to go up and talk to them,” he said. “This job kind of made it easier for me to do stuff like that.”

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