Q&A—New Eastsiders out at the ballgame

By Angela Gagnon | Staff Writer

Cubs and White Sox fans don’t have to wait any longer—baseball season is here. Chicago is full of die-hard baseball fans who either bleed Cubbie blue or wear all black. We talked to three locals to get the lowdown on how to tackle baseball season like a pro.

New Eastsider Lisa Aggarwal grew up on the southwest side of Chicago, and has been a White Sox fan for 35 years. Kim Pearlman and Ali Schultz root for the Cubs, and both attended a World Series home game in 2016.

What’s a typical game day experience at the ballpark like for you?

Aggarwal: Eating a hot dog, or even better—a taco! And sitting in the sun.

Pearlman: Always Bud Light.

Schultz: Some of my favorite games are on random weekday nights in the sum-
mer. I’ll work most of the day, leave a little early and unwind on a warm night with a cold beer and a gorgeous sunset dropping below the horizon on Clark Street.

How do you get to the ball park?

Aggarwal: The Red Line or I park in the stadium lot.

Pearlman: When I was a kid, my grandfather and I would take the Addison bus from the west side and get Brown’s Chicken to-go so we could get to our seats in time for batting practice.

Schultz: The Red Line. It’s cheaper, easier than managing traffic and better than
trying to park near the field.

What do you wear on game day?

Aggarwal: Black
Pearlman: Cubs T-shirt—Rizzo or Bryant—and camo shorts. Cubs hat. It’s my uniform.
Schultz: Sunscreen! And make sure to put it on beforehand. Security will confiscate it.

What’s the best part of being at a home game?

Aggarwal: The majority of the fans are
actively watching the game instead of
just socializing. The food options are
really good too.

Pearlman: Wrigley Field is my
happy place.

Schultz: The energy you get from being around the other fans. And the sense of history and how many generations have experienced something similar for over 100 years.

What advice would you share with fans?

Aggarwal: There’s not much of a scene outside the [White Sox] park, so be prepared to spend more time inside the stadium. Try an adult snow cone, bacon on a stick—or both.

Pearlman: If there is a game on my birthday, I go to it.

Schultz: Sit in the bleachers and get there at least two hours before. You’ll see warm ups and batting practice before the game set to that beautiful organ music. The bleachers are also where I see the most fan interaction. Who doesn’t like a high five on a Kris Bryant home run?

We wish our Chicago major league baseball teams the best of luck this year.
The White Sox home opener against the Detroit Tigers at Guaranteed Rate Field, 333 W. 35th St. is set for Thursday, April 5 at 3:10 p.m. The Cubs will open their season at Wrigley Field on Monday, April 9 at 1:20 p.m. against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Visit Mlb.com/cubs or Mlb.com/whitesox to purchase single game tickets or to learn more about upcoming seasons.


Published April 4, 2018

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