Clogged fountains a recurring issue in Lake Shore East Park

By Stephanie Racine | Staff Writer

Published July 5, 2018

In May, residents noticed a pool of water collecting in the Lakeshore East dog park which has a water feature dogs often play in. The problem was fixed by the Lake Shore East Park Master Association but the puddle reappeared a few weeks later. The fountain empties into a sewer drain, which is prone to clogging, and residents were concerned about dogs
drinking the dirty water.

A popular fountain in the Lake Shore East dog
park has been getting clogged and area resi-
dents worry the dirty water could be harmful
for the dogs. Photo by Stephanie Racine

“I called Magellan and Alderman Reilly’s office,” said resident Louise Hamburg.

Unfortunately, the drain clogged again in early June. Residents alerted Magellan
again and the problem was fixed.

“I saw that the drain was pumped out with a long industrial hose attached to a truck that looked like a cement mixer,” Hamburg said.

Some residents are also concerned about the aesthetics of other fountains in Lake Shore East that line pedestrian walkways citing algae growth and chalky marks that can be seen on the granite of the fountains.

One resident remarked on the “unsightly calcified streaks” on the fountains, which have remained there for some time.

The resident hopes they will be cleaned soon noting that the fountains are beautiful when they are clean.

Vanessa Casciano, community relations director for Magellan Development Group, assures that the Master Association, the group in charge of maintaining the park, is aware and working on all the problems mentioned.

Residents who would like to report on anything in disrepair can contact Casicano at her email, vcasciano@magellan- and she will forward complaints to the Master Association.

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