Open wide: Dental Professionals of Chicago focuses on more than the mouth

By Elizabeth Czapski, Staff Writer

October 2, 2018

The best dental care means more than a good cleaning at Dental Professionals of Chicago. At 111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 23, Dental Professionals offers general dental services, comfort, entertainment and cosmetic procedures with a collaborative approach.


Most treatment plans—beyond cleaning—are set by a team of doctors who consider how oral health and a patient’s overall health are related.


Dr. Bryan Jacobs, a specialist in prosthodontics at Dental Professionals, said its “collaborative care model” makes the practice unique, and goes back about 80 years.


According to Dr. Paul Katz, who has been in practice for more than 30 years, Dental Professionals was started in 1983 and moved to its current location in downtown Chicago in 1987—with complete renovation and expansion in 2016.  Today, the four doctors are partners who work together to address the whole patient.


With this method, the team at Dental Professionals is able to tackle things like gum disease, which can be a factor in nearly every major disease, and for some patients, like pregnant women, can be even more dangerous than drinking alcohol, Jacobs said.


“From a dental perspective, just finding that individual solution that meets that person’s time criteria, their cosmetic criteria, their financial limitations, anything we can to personalize that care, because it’s not one-size-fits-all,” Jacobs said, “Our goal is really focusing on what the person needs.”

Dental Professionals also utilizes electronic health records, digital imaging, bacterial DNA testing for periodontal disease and the Planmeca Treatment Center, which the practice’s website describes as “a dental treatment chair on steroids.” The chair, the first in the Midwest, is self-cleaning and has built-in tools, cameras and scanners. “Plus, it’s like, the most comfortable chair,” Jacobs added.

During treatment, patients can listen to music or choose from cable, Netflix and scenic videos, highlighting the practice’s patient-focused, individualized care, Jacobs said.


For patients with a sweet tooth, fresh-baked cookies are available every day in the waiting room.

Most patients live or work in the area, and the practice can be accessed via the Pedway, perfect during the cold winter weather, Jacobs said. Because Dental Professionals offers same-day emergency care for patients and non-patients, they see patients from the nearby Hyatt Hotel at least once a week, he said.

For both Jacobs and Katz, the best part of his job is getting to know patients.


“I love the energy, the people. It’s fast-paced,” said Katz. “There’s such a mix of really professional people, people in advertising, lawyers, judges, it really is fascinating, I love talking to my patients.”

“Their stories make the day interesting,” agreed Jacobs.


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