Joshua Harris is the New Eastside doorperson of the month

By Jesse Wright, Staff Writer

Joshua Harris has worked at the Aqua at Lakeshore East for 10 years, starting his job just a year after the building opened. Harris said he got in because a friend, one of the building’s first employees, thought Harris would be a good fit at the 225 N. Columbus Dr. residence.

So far, so good. He said that he’s enjoyed the last decade, “It’s like a vacation coming to work. And actually, the time has flown by. Someone asked me the other day how long have I worked here, and I said seven or eight years, and my partner said, ‘It’s been 10 years,’” Harris said.

The building is a mixed-use facility with rental apartments, condos and a hotel sharing the space, so Harris interacts with all kinds of people; office workers, residents and visitors looking for the front desk at the Radisson Blu hotel, next door.

Harris said the residents are mostly families and older folks, so there isn’t too much chaos but says that wasn’t always the case.

“It used to be a really big crowd that would go out on the weekend,” Harris said. “When the building first opened, it was a lot of college kids and everybody went out and partied, but the building changed, and it’s an older crowd and everybody slowed down.”

Besides his work as a doorperson, he operates an extermination company with his father.

“My father, he’s been in the extermination business for 30 years,” Harris said. “And he’s moving on, and so I’m taking over. [Being a doorperson] is only eight hours, and there are 24 hours in the day.”

Which isn’t to say Harris doesn’t have a fun side. He enjoys photography and golf, when he can find the time. Harris’ favorite golf tip?

“Rule number one, keep your head down and let the club do the work,” he said.

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