Brandon Brown is the New Eastside doorperson of the month

(Published April 30, 2019

By Jesse Wright, staff writer

Doorperson Brandon Brown, at the Coast since 2017, works to make the humans feel at home as well as the dogs.

Not only does he know the names of residents, he knows what sort of treats the dogs like and he hands them out accordingly.

“We have a jar for everyone,” he said. “This is a dog friendly building. I keep my lint brush handy.”

Besides navigating the world of canines, Brown said his job keeps him busy.

“We have over 500 residents; we have a pretty stocked building,” he said. “We are over 95 percent occupied with over 400 units.

“Most days from 7 a.m. it’s pretty busy,” he said. “It’s not just sitting at the desk pushing the button. It’s a lot of thinking. You have to think quick on your feet.”

During the shift, he interacts with the outside world—dealing with deliveries and maintenance workers—and the inside world, helping residents who work from home or helping residents get ready for their day in the morning.

“I have actually seen some of these families grow,” he said. “I’ve seen them go from not having any kids to having kids. You see it from the beginning to the end here.”

Brown said he tries to put positive energy in his job and he suggests anyone who works a door job do the same.

“I always say the energy you put out is the energy you will receive,” he said. “I try to preach that throughout the day to my guys here. Everyone has tough days but if you put your best foot forward it will come out your way.”

Last year Brown was promoted to lead doorperson and with that came a more permanent daytime schedule, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. He said he was happy for the promotion and likes the job.

Prior to being a doorperson, Brown was in property management and he started work as a doorperson as a temporary gig, he said. Over time though, it became permanent.

“I have grown to love it,” he said.

When not at work, Brown said he’s usually spending time with his son or with friends.

“My son just turned 2, and he keeps me busy,” Brown said. “I like to bowl and bowling is one of my favorite things to do.

Brown also spends time working on the hair brush company he and friends launched four years ago.

“I also have a small brush company called Candy Life, he said. “We provide hair brushes with colored bristles.”

Brandon Brown is the doorperson of the month for May, and he works at the Coast. Photo by Jesse Wright

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