Animals and beer mix during Lincoln Park Zoo’s ‘Craft Brews’

(Published May 30, 2019)

By Jesse Wright

Lincoln Park Zoo will host beer lovers after hours for its annual Craft Brews at the Zoo event.

The June 14-15 gathering is set to include more than 70 breweries, offering 150 different beers from across the state, amid 200 breeds of animals at the zoo. The event runs 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Tickets start at $20 and go to $79, with premium tickets allowing access 30 minutes prior to the official opening.

According to the zoo’s director of events Josh Rupp, it’s also a great opportunity to see the animals after hours.

Most buildings and grounds will be accessible to guests as they try various beers,” Rupp said. “This is a limited capacity, after-hours event at the zoo so your experience will likely be much different than that of a normal summer afternoon during the day – with the 21 and over age restriction. Plus there is a wide assortment of beer!”

For the zoo, this is more than a beer festival—it’s a fundraiser. Rupp said the zoo is free and open to the public, so this event is important to maintain that.

“When you attend events at Lincoln Park Zoo, you support state-of-the-art animal care and worldwide conservation, and help keep the zoo free and open every day of the year,” he said.

And when it comes to beer festivals around Chicago, Rupp said this one is different.

“What is most unique about this beer festival is the venue,” he said. “Lincoln Park Zoo offers an incredible space to travel through the gorgeous gardens, explore animal buildings and even get the opportunity to interact with our Learning team through several different programmed chats.”

Lincoln Park Zoo is at 2200 N. Cannon Drive. Get tickets at

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