Noise levels, homeless issues at New Eastside CAPS meeting

by Mat Cohen

Residents and police discussed noise disturbances at the CAPS meeting Oct. 10 at Heritage at Millennium Park.

A New Eastside resident brought up street entertainers and motorcycles as the main cause of loud noise throughout the day and night.

The man said police approach entertainers and tell them to stop playing, which they do for about 30 minutes before they pick up the drumsticks again.

CAPS Sgt. Anthony Dombrowski said it’s a tough situation to approach from the performer’s perspective with permits and licenses. 

“It’s very difficult to address on a number of different levels,” he said. “It’s a crazy situation. They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong.”

The resident said not all performers have proper licenses. A representative from Alderman Brendan Reilly’s office said the alderman is waiting for the issue to be put before the committee before changes can be made. Changes include enforcing license regulation or restricting noise levels.

Referring to motorcycles at night, the police brought up Chicago United Riders, which is a community on Facebook with 200,000 followers. The group organizes mass night rides all over the city, including downtown.

Sgt. Dombrowski said “it’s something on our radar and we’re coordinating efforts against it.”

Another New Eastside resident said the corner of Randolph and Michigan is not a place where she feels safe.

She spoke about a situation at about 10 p.m. where she saw one man beating another with a pipe. She was concerned for her safety and the safety of others.

“I don’t want to walk near that area anymore,” she said. “It’s just getting worse.”

The police said that the violence is typically being inflicted on the homeless living in the area, and it is not the homeless themselves who are the perpetrators.

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