Doorperson of the Month Fred Crocker, The Shoreham at Lakeshore East

by Mat Cohen

The most genuine, enthusiastic fist bump in New Eastside has been found.

 At The Shoreham at Lakeshore East is Fred Crocker, behind the desk with a smile, dishing out fist bumps to kids setting off for school. 

“Once you get to know people, it’s al- most like a family,” he said. “That’s how this  building came together, we’re all so close.” 

Crocker has been named the New East- side News Doorperson of the Month, but  not just because of his fist bumps.

His love for people, kids and dogs has been on display since the building  opened 15 years ago. Crocker learns every resident’s name so as they walk by he  can properly wish them a good day.

“Genuinely, you have to love people,”  he said. “And to get that in return, is a really good feeling.”

Crocker strives to have a positive impact on everyone’s day. If people have a lot to carry he holds the door, if kids are running behind for school he hurries them along and if dogs need a treat he’ll happily hand one over.

“It could be a bad day or whatever, and I can turn it around because they mirror how I’m acting. That makes you feel good when they return the love,” he said. “That’s my favorite part of what I do.” Crocker grew up in Englewood, and lives in Justice.

 For 32 years he has worked as a doorperson, and for 32 years he’s had the first shift  of the day. He prefers the early hours so he has time for his other loves, like taking care of his mother or playing basketball.

“I may be getting older, but these old  bones can still move,” he said. Crocker, with his laid-back attitude, is perfectly content. He’s a loyal Bulls, Bears and Cubs fan who has a clear vision of where he’ll be once retired.

“When I retire I will probably move to a southern state,” he said. “It seems like the people down there are much happier and welcoming. I’m such a laid-back person I can see myself sitting on the farm somewhere just chilling with a straw hat.

“You get my age, you see things a little different.”

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