Alonzo: Doorperson of the Month

by Mat Cohen

For Alonzo, there’s nothing better than a great football game, jazz music and his family, which includes the people at 400 E. Randolph.

“Everyone is special at 400 E. Randolph,” he said. “I make sure they feel special. I try to make the family at 400 feel as I would want to feel.

“I like my jazz music, love my sports and family is automatic.”

Alonzo is a versatile employee for the building. He spends time in the package room, working in receiving, greeting people at the front desk and checking guests in at the workout space.

“Multitasking at 400 E. Randolph makes the job very fulfilling,” he said. “You can tell that you can make a difference with someone.”

Making a difference among people’s lives has been ingrained in Alonzo’s heart from his childhood.

“Helping people has to be from your heart and if it’s not genuine, they’ll know,” he said. “I get it from my parents, my mother and father.

“They said if you live good through your heart, your blessings are unlimited.”

Alonzo has given away coats and shoes to the homeless on lower Wacker Drive outside his post in the receiving room. He’s warm and welcoming to every resident and believes the world would be a better place if everyone took a little time to give.

“It could be a conversation, you could even sit in silence with someone,” he said. “Look around, we all have something to give.”

“Me giving comes from my heart, it’s not an act. Helping people should be from your heart.”

Before getting the job at 400, he did some manifesting to create his reality.

“The job found me,” he said. “I passed here thousands of times and I just always said that it would be a nice place to work, and it just worked out. It was meant to be.”

Alonzo has given a lot to 400 E. Randolph, but isn’t too keen on recognition, except for when he won track medals in Grammar School.

“I’m just a low-key guy, I’m glad about it, but it’s just shocking,” he said about being selected as Doorperson of the Month.

There’s no doubt he deserves the recognition, but he wants to make it clear the building deserves recognition of its own.

“I don’t know if they made it a landmark, but 400 is iconic,” he said. “Because it was built before a lot of these other buildings. That sounds like I’m bragging about 400, but we set a high standard to go above and beyond.”

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