Police asked to patrol sidewalks at CAPS meeting

by Mat Cohen

At the Feb. 6 New Eastside  CAPS meeting, community members and police discussed competition for sidewalk space by pedestrians, scooters and Segways. 

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt by these yo-yo’s,” one male resident said, noting that many violators know they are in the wrong, but do it anyway. 

CAPS Sgt. Anthony Dombrowski said any change in  patrols by the police department will have to be dealt with  on an individual basis. “It’s one of many different people competing for space,” Dombrowski said.

 A woman brought up an incident regarding her friend pulling  out of a garage onto North Garland Court when a man pushed  over a trashcan and dented the  car. She said there was a police car on the street but they didn’t do anything about it.

 Dombrowski said to email him to put in a formal complaint against the officers who were allegedly present and who did not take action.

There was general concern among residents regarding the increase of marijuana in the city. A woman asked, “How do you test someone if they’re high if you  can’t smell it?” 

Officers said there’s no chemical test, but it’s a similar situation  to a DUI test to see if the person is able to follow instructions clearly, as well as other indicators to see if they are intoxicated.

 Dombrowski said that “violent  crime is the focus” of the Chicago Police Department. He said  violent crime doesn’t occur much in the 1st District, but in the areas where it does, there’s a lack of  trust and cooperation with police.

He said a lot of robberies and arrests happen at, or close to, the CTA.

“The mayor is very concerned with what’s going on at the CTA and there’s going to be some changes.” Dombrowski did not  elaborate on what those changes might be.

 The next CAPS meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. March 5 at 400 E. Randolph St.

Image courtesy of PNG Tree. 

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