Hayley Terrier

Hayley the Terrier, who turned two last September, was adopted from a shelter by a dog-loving New Eastsider.

“They brought her out to me,” explains her owner, Penny. “My son and his kids went with me and we decided that Hayley was kinda good.”

After settling into her new high-rise home, Hayley developed a knack for “chasing her own shadow” and “saying hi to everybody.

“She’s very affectionate,” Penny continues. “She sits on my lap a lot and crawls up on the bed with me.”

— Daniel Patton | Staff Writer

Kona Toller

Kona was a puppy in a Long Island rescue shelter when TV personality Tim Gunn cast her for a fashion show five years ago. Although a mishap en route to the set snatched away her chance for fame, she reaped an even greater reward that day.

“She got sick in the car, so she didn’t get to do the show” says Kelli Bishop, Creative Director for the Steve Harvey Show, who was helping escort Kona across town. “I ended up taking her home that night.”

Although uncertain of Kona’s exact breed, Bishop believes that her “sweet” companion is a Nova Scotian Toller.

— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

Reilly Boxer Lab

Reilly is a seven-year-old Boxer Lab who moved to New Eastside from Arizona last year.

Before becoming a full-time pet, he was the Director of Pet Relations at a high-rise in Santa Barbara, CA. Nowa- days, he likes to snuggle and play, es- pecially with his best friend, two-year- old Ryan, pictured in background.

— Daniel Patton | Staff Writer

Lalique Pekingese

img_9643a2webLalique is a ten-pound Pekingese who likes to mix it up with other dogs in the park.

“The bigger the dog, the better,” says her owner. “She wants to be in the middle of the action.”

Although the champagne-hued pooch recently learned how to do “a little rearing up” like her larger four-legged friends, the truth is that she is “outgoing, very loving, and she’ll play with anybody.”

Lalique, who lives in Aqua and turns two next month, “likes to go outside for a walk even if it’s raining or snowing.”

But since she came to Chicago last February and didn’t go outdoors until April, she’ll test her fondness for all-weather frolicking during her first full winter this year.

— Daniel Patton

Cute pet alert: Daenerys Bulldog

img_9088webDaenerys the English Bulldog was born in Oregon, flew to Holland when she was six months old, and lived in Amsterdam before settling in the Aon building. She turns two next month.

Representing a breed that was born and bred for centuries to latch onto the noses of bulls with their unshakably strong jaws, Daenerys has adjusted to life indoors by becoming a “sloppy couch potato,” says her owner.

Outdoors, however, Daenerys is a trained service dog who observes everything behind her owner’s back to make sure that nobody sneaks up on them. But when they’re approached in a regular friendly manner, Daenerys remains a lovable, sloppy couch potato.

— Daniel Patton

Gabby Poodle

IMG_0045webGabby is an apricot colored Poodle who lives in Harbor Point Towers.

“I’ve known her all the time I’ve been in the neighborhood,” says Gwen, the New Eastside dogwalker who sees Gabby almost every day. “That’s about nine years.”

Besides wearing bracelets while she strolls in Lake Shore East Park, Gabby enjoys wearing a little hat when she rides in the basket of her owner Tony’s bicycle.

“A lady can’t have the sun in her face,” explains Gwen, “and, like every French woman, Gabby has very, very long eyelashes.”

— Daniel Patton

Buddy Bichon

Buddy was a Bichon living on the streets of Rogers Park when a coworker of Jenny Moors, who lives in Coast Apartments, picked him up and brought him back to the nearby office where they worked.

At the time, he looked like an entirely different dog. “There was a gash in his leg and his fur was brown and matted,” Jenny remembers.

IMG_7467web2They attempted to contact his owner through an attached microchip, but “no one ever called back.” So at the end of the day, Jenny decided to adopt him.

Two years and several trips to the vet later, Buddy has become a full-fledged New Eastsider with a clean bill of health. His hobbies include drinking other peoples’ beer.

“He just loves the beer,” says Jenny. “Probably from all those days of being on the streets, he puts his nose into every cup he can find.”

“But,” she continues, “we don’t let him drink it.”

— Daniel Patton | Staff Writer

Charlie Pomeranian

IMG_0951web2Charlie is a seven year-old Pomeranian who came to Chicagoland as a birthday present “when he was a little baby,” according his owner.

Although he is named after a YouTube video featuring a British boy named Charlie who bites his brother’s finger, the Chicago dog named Charlie is anything but aggressive.

“All he wants to do is cuddle,” his owner continues. “He’s a little spoon and I’m the big spoon.”

Charlie has difficulty seeing in both eyes due to injury and glaucoma, but still “loves to be outside” and brings a smile to most everyone he encounters.

“If I had a dollar for every picture people took with him,” says his owner. “I’d be rich right now.”

— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

Rambo Poozer

IMG_8950d_webRambo is a mix of miniature Poodle and Schnauzer who came to the Aqua from a Missouri kennel six years ago.

“When we got him, he was the size of a small loaf of bread,” explains his owner, whose son thought it was funny to name the pup after a fictitious musclebound military veteran portrayed by Sylvester Stallone.

Although some of Rambo’s ancestors may have been employed to track and destroy rodents, he uses his instincts to stir up affection. According to his owner, “he’s a love sponge.”

— Daniel Patton, Staff Writer

Bo L Pyrenees

IMG_8932aBo is a 10-year-old Yellow Labrador / Pyrenees mix who lived on an Indiana farm before moving into the Aqua when he was two years-old.

After familiarizing himself with the big city — “it took a while to get used to the elevators,” says his owner — he matured into a laid back companion who “loves people.”

Descended from breeds known for retrieving and herding, he enjoys each activity “kinda halfway.”

“He likes to chase a ball a little and he likes to herd a little, but he doesn’t like to do either full time,” his owner continues. “But he loves the water.”

— Daniel Patton

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