Bentley Puggle

IMG_8691cBentley is a 10-year-old Puggle who is also known as the mascot of 233 E. Wacker. “He loves everyone,” explains his owner Ralph Dicosola, ”and he thinks he’s going to get a treat from all of them.”

When he’s not working his charm, Bentley likes to swim in Lake Michigan, an activity he pursues every morning in the summer at Oak Street Beach.

“We didn’t know he could swim,” Dicosola says. “The first time that he encountered water, he just jumped in mid-air and started swimming.”

— Daniel Patton.

Wimbledon Bulldog

IMG_8303bWimbledon is a 5-year-old English Bulldog who arrived at the home of a young, married New Eastside couple by way of a Wisconsin breeder.

Although his kind is rumored to be inactive, Wimbledon not only loves to run but he has also learned to open doors and play the African djembe drum.

— Daniel Patton.

Musashi Corgi

IMG_1606cMusashi, a 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in the Aqua, bears a name that means “Brave Man” in Japanese.

Representing a breed of herders known for intelligence and affection, Musashi not only thrives in the parks of the New Eastside, but also remains very active indoors.

— Daniel Patton

Charlie Shar-Pei

Charlie, a five-year-old blue Shar-Pei who lives in the Loop, is a member of the breed that once guarded the Chinese Emperors.

He gets along great with people and dogs, loves the fountains and lakefront around Lake Shore East Park, and appears to be doing just fine after a recent eye operation.

— Daniel Patton

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