Larry Bluesman

Guitarist Larry Bluesman was born in Mississippi 67 years ago and moved to Chicago with his family when he was “about ten years-old.” Inspired by the guitarists who played in church functions that his mother used to take him to, he eventually joined a travelling church choir and studied music at the Chicago Conservatory.

IMG_9472a_webThese days, he works as a professional touring musician.

When not on the road, Mr. Bluesman performs in the Jackson Red Line station on Friday mornings.

“I like pleasing people,” he says. “That’s why I’m a musician.”   

— Daniel Patton

Singer / guitarist Vincent Johnson

IMG_9394webSinger / guitarist Vincent Johnson performs in front of the Art Institute on almost every Saturday of the year, including those occasions when Chicago gets “all four seasons in a day,” as he noted during a snow shower on a recent sunny afternoon.

The native Chicagoan is a self-taught musician inspired by the bluesmen who migrated to the city from the Mississippi Delta, and his axe of choice is a BB King style hollow body.

When not performing, Mr. Johnson operates V&J Computer Services, which he founded 20 years ago, and works as a substitute teacher.

— Daniel Patton

Vibraphonist Preyas Roy

IMG_8856bVibraphonist Preyas Roy started playing piano and drums in his upstate New York hometown when he was eight years-old. A few years later, when he was “halfway into high school,” he “sorta eased into vibraphone.”

These days, the University of Chicago graduate travels most weekdays from his home in Hyde Park to the corner of Michigan and Randolph where he enjoys playing “because I can really cut loose.” To hear his music online, visit his YouTube page. — Daniel Patton.

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