Skyscraper update: Wanda Tower

42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilley hosted a community meeting about the Wanda Tower proposed for 381-383 E. Wacker Dr. in late October.

The Magellan Development Group was on hand to update neighborhood residents on the status of the project.

WANDA001-01The most notable details of Magellan’s presentation included:

1. a proposal to increase the height of one building and decrease the height of another;

2. a proposal to connect E. Waterside Dr. to E. Wacker Drive via what appears to be a right-angled, s-type curve that goes directly through Wanda;

3. a bullet point emphasizing “no increase to overall Lakeshore East density.”

Changes implemented by Magellan since the last community meeting include new landscaping and plans to increase lighting and improve the entrance to the automobile impound lot.

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