Doorperson of the Month: Maicheal Estepaniance, The Chandler Building

By Jesse Wright | Staff Writer

Maicheal Estepaniance takes customer service very seriously and the residents of the Chandler Building, 450 E. Waterside Drive, took notice and nominated him for Doorperson of the Month for August.

But Estepaniance does more than door duty. He is the front desk supervisor for the condominiums—a position he’s held for five years this month—he said he
loves the work.

“Well, I love what I do so I’ve been in service all my life, including the four years
I worked at the J.W. Marriott prior to here,” he said. “I went to training college for hospitality and hotel business management and I am in charge of all the levels of customer service and training and scheduling and payroll. I do everything for the building as far as holidays and the Fourth of July, making sure the staffing is proper and hiring extra security and making sure my staff has all the material they need.”

Estepaniance manages a staff of four, and he said the job comes first—even in his off time. “I am always free and open and my guys always call me if they have problems or questions. They feel free to call me even if I am not at work,” he said.

Estepaniance also has CPR and Automated External Defibrillator training and he is currently studying and taking classes to become a property manager.

“I like staying busy,” he said. “I love learning new things every day. I love multitasking. I am a team player and I am a very organized person and outgoing.”

In short, he loves customer service work and it shows. The residents at the Chandler love him, and the general manager at the J.W. Marriott recognized him for customer service there, too.

“I love dealing with people on a daily basis,” Estepaniance said. “I am a people person. I just like to make people happy and put a smile on their face.”

Estepaniance said he particularly enjoys the residents at the Chandler. “It’s a very family-oriented building. The kids in the building love me and I get along with them and I am more than happy every day to come to work smiling and give grade number one luxury service.”

On the days he’s not at work, Estepaniance said he enjoys sports. “Sports are my number one interest,” he said. “From football to hockey to basketball. I have actually played football and wrestled for most of my life and I played two years of semi-pro football for Oak Park.”

Published August 2, 2018

Doorperson of the month

Leslie Poston of Park Millennium

By Stephanie Racine | Staff Writer

Leslie Poston began working at the Park Millennium, 222 N. Columbus Dr., in July 2017. Prior to being a doorperson, Poston worked at the W Hotel, but sought a different career when overnight shifts at the W Hotel began to take a toll on her.

Since moving onto greeting patrons at the Park Millennium, Poston is happy she made the switch. Her favorite part of her new job is the residents. She enjoys meeting and interacting with their families, friends and guests. “It’s a more personal thing, because it’s home for them,” Poston said.

Poston appreciates the warmth her residents exude, and how they can inspire her. One resident who was diagnosed with a terminal illness seventeen years ago helps Poston stay positive by always coming downstairs with a smile.

“He helps me put things into perspective,” Poston said. “He’s pushing for life and he can still smile.”

Poston also gets a good laugh out of some of her residents, recalling a time one man had a skeleton painted on his face. “A guy got off the elevators going to the parking garage. I thought I saw a ghost face,” she said. “And he waved. I just started cracking up.”

Born and raised in Chicago, Poston enjoys many things about her city. She keeps up with sports, especially baseball, because her mother was a big fan. Recently, she began following the Blackhawks and wants to attend a hockey game soon. Poston loves the restaurant Carnivale and visiting the city’s many landmarks. When asked what her favorites were, Poston said she enjoys “Buckingham fountain or Navy Pier after hours. Or early morning before everyone gets up.”

“We really do have the best city,” she said.

Published May 5